Unfortunately, as you are reading this I am still sleeping or on the way back to Albury. The weather turned really bad on the top of the mountain and the course got changed, which forced the runners to make a decision as they entered the second crewpoint. At the 44km mark we had to head out to a checkpoint at Ropers Hut (27.5km) and return along the same route back to the crew point. The route out and back had six VERY steep climbs and decents. It took me and most of the front runners 12hrs to cover the 55km distance. ( I normally run 100km on hilly ground in under 11hrs!). As we came back up to Mt Bogong for the 3rd time, we were treated to a white out with howling wind and driving rain. Visibility was down to a metre at most times. After battling through this for nearly an hour and reaching the summit ( without getting lost,thankfully) I was told that when we came back up for the fourth time we could not continue with the planned route as it would be suicidal in these conditions(correct call), the options would be given to us when we got back down to the crewpoint. After battling to get off the mountain, I reached the crew point(100km) at 1045pm (just over 18hrs). The options that were open to us, were to head back out along the same route that we had just done twice or maybe wait till daylight and head back up to do the course in better conditions maybe.
The wait of 6hrs for daylight was quickly dimissed, as by this time I would of cooled down. The other option involved going back into the same conditions and then completing the same route all over again, to me 12hrs in these conditions was too long to go without crew support again, even though the guys on the mountain were great. They also could not confirm were we were to go after the hut. I was feeling great and very strong but the safety factor crept into the equation. There were only 13 runners left in the 100mile race at 7pm. I came into the checkpoint in sixth place, closely behind 3rd,4th and 5th(who came off the mountain together). All of these experienced runners made the same call too. The two leaders, who were within an hour of each other, were the only ones to make the decision to continue by the time we drove away. The best of luck to them, and anyone who come in later that goes on. There will always be another race.
Bogong villiage has risen to a comfortable 15 degrees, whilst up the top of the range its a fresh 8 degrees, with a cold strong wind and intermittent freezing rain.

There is nothing worse then being cold and wet - thankfully he has all that he needs to stay dry in his back pack.  Certainly a new challenge.

First Check point -

Had a stumble we needed to patch
Retape a foot
Food - mmm cold patatoes...
Coke - refreshing
Change of clothes
Gear check
And currently in 5th place! Not bad going. (almost enough to forget about the bleeding elbow!)

Well it is a breezy,cool and fresh 10 degrees at the starting line this morning, but spirits are high (after a restless sleep).

The K's are in the legs, time will only tell now.

Today there is a 60k, 100k and 100 mile events that have all started at the time this morning, so I can imagine that the shuffelling into positions and a comfortable stride may take some time.

First check point where support crew is get to catch up is after the first 40 k's at Mountain Creek Camp Ground.

 Head lamp

Yes - all checked and cleared!

Willpower ??

Travelled interstate - Check
Last final shop for race day accessories - check
Carb consumption - Check
Water intake - check

Current focus -  long heeling sleep .........
"For the 100 milers I would strongly recommend, on the ascent up Quartz Ridge that you keep looking back to check your bearings for the return leg – especially if you plan on doing this in the dark.

It will be very dark with just about no moonlight so please ensure that you have a really good torch, I recommend 2 – one in the hand and one on the head.

The main concern I have, if the weather is hot, is being able to get access into Ropers Hut – may just be a minimal amount of water here for the 100mile runners before they turn around and head back down to Big River. 

Upper Big River is crossable without getting your feet wet, lots of snakes around."