102ks in 9h 21min - second place!!!
Just had a quick pose for a pic at the 95.2 k mark, not long to go now. Second place at 1541 - let's finish the 102.7 k strong!
80 k check point cleared at 1409 and still going strong in second place! Mick looks like he is starting to sweat, he has to stay strong and focused.  It's all up hill from here!!
Burning up the trails! Mick hit the 61k mark at 1208, keeping a steady pace now.  Looking great and high spirits with high fives from his daughter and nephew's. He is currently placed second.
Well, I'm freezing my but off and Mick is running his off! Just cleared second check point 20 mins ahead of  expected time in second place.  He is 8 mins behind the leader and going really well.
Mick came into check point one in very high spirits, 10 mins earlier then I had expected him and placing in the top five 100k runners. I was in trouble for counting all the competitors, and sternly advised to only count the 100k runners - duly noted. It's a cool 14 degrees, breezy and overcast.  Perfect running conditions.
Last minute prep work and serious study work for the crew!
Runner at the ready! Support crew should be comfortable (I am tips it has a heater).
Runner at the ready.  Crew should be comfortable (I am told it has a heater). We are expecting a 4c start Sunday.